This website utilizes cookies to imporove user friendliness. A Cookie is a light text file, which is automatically saved on a user’s harddrive. Cookies are used on almost all modern websites. Some websites may not work properly if cookies are disabled. A cookie includes a unique, randomly generated marker, which allows us to identify your computer and collect data on, which of our site’s pages you browse.

Cookies and data collection

Our website utilizes Google Analytics -application in order to collect information on how the site is being used. With this information we’re trying to interpret, what the information that the users are looking for is. More on Google’s terms on privacy and Google Analytics can be found here:

Disabling and deleting cookies

If you’d like to disable the use of cookies on your computer, you can always modify your browser’s settings. The exact settings you need to modify is always browser-specific. In doing so, you should always keep in mind that some functionalities and services require cookies to be enabled in order for them to work properly. In disabling cookies from your browser’s settings, you may risk not being able to use some websites to their full extent.

All browsers allow you to delete cookies one by one or all at once. Where you can perform this task is always browser-specific.

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